BMW 2012 participants in temple dress, from up left to down right: Will, Sean, Jerry, Ben, Sam, Dongsun, Smentha, Sedana, Kaite, Sarah, Ban, Seniasih.

Topeng masked dance practice led by Dr. Catra

BMW 2012 features Prof. Dibia’s class: The Lore and Philosophy of Balinese Artist.
Prof. Leon Rubin (on the extreme right)

Bali Module 2006 with participants from Middlesex University London led by Prof. Leon Rubin (hiding on the extreme back left)

Bali dance practice led by Seniasih

Dewi, Flaviana Cruz Clark, Christina Kapadocha, Bonny Davis, Ankita Mahabir, Emek Erel,  Tessa Hart

BMW 2011 participants (from left 5-year-old Dewi on Flaviana, Christina, Bonny, Ankita, Emek, Tessa) dresses up ready to perform at Abian Semal Village, Badung

Topeng mask making led by Pak Kodi. Prof. Vladimir L. Marchenkov of the Ohio University (front right) joins the class

Gamelan practice led by Pak Windha

Prof. Sedana’s lecture on Wayang Puppet Show as a
Spiritual Norm and Ritual Form of Worship through Aesthetic Devotions at D’Topeng Museum Kingdom, Kuta, Bali

Our esteemed Prof. Leon Rubin’s treat (on the extreme right) for all BMW’s participants during thanks giving celebration in Sanur.

Students of Essex Univ and ISI Denpasar are brainstorming for a collaborative project under the program of Friendship Through Theatre

Collaborative rehearsal between local and international students.

Social Criticism & Post Colonialism in Balinese Fine Arts, a lecture by Turah (the tallest on the right), the senior royal family of Kesiman palace

Visiting a Topeng mask museum in Kuta

Fana’s artistes along with Laura and Laurent after special project presentation at the in door theatre, Natya Mandala

Enjoying week end and social time

A time to share home-made meals with Prof. Dibia (extreme right) and Pak Windha (folding hands waiting for the turn)


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