Welcome to Balimodule, a world class art training.

Welcome to Balimodule, a world class art training. WHERE? Indonesian Embassy, 30 Great Peter St, London SW1P 2BU. WHAT TIME? 10AM to 12:30PM Gamelan music & Wayang Puppet for £15 / person.. 2PM to 4PM Dance and Topeng Masked Theatre for £15 / person. Every Saturday from January to March 2018

Epicenter of Cultural Arts Collaboratory

World cultural artists and performers are welcome to network and develop a stronger performance position with exhibition outcomes, ensuring the preservation of cultural expression while encouraging contemporary extensions. At this moment we are keen to work with the Emerald and international artists as we have extensive experience in gamelan music, dance, mask, teaching and are also a custodian of the ancient artistic cultures of Bali.

I Nyoman Sedana, Ph.D. (Director of Balimodule & Professor at ISI Denpasar) bali.module@yahoo.com Tel. (+62-361) 244589  M +62 81999541284,


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